Certiverse Announces New End-to-End Capability For Exam Development And Delivery Platform

The award-winning innovator in test content development now offers built-in scheduling, delivery, and proctoring of exams.

CHICAGO – June 1, 2022 (GlobeNewswire) –  Certiverse announced the release of new features to its exam development platform to enable test scheduling, delivery and online proctoring. Certiverse’s system now includes a full-service exam store with e-commerce and exam vouchers where test-takers can schedule tests; an integrated test driver to deliver exams online; and built-in, secure, remote proctoring services through partners. These additions create a seamless, end-to-end experience within the system for both candidates and test sponsors, applying the technology’s innovative ease of use throughout the entire testing process.


“Clients have been extremely receptive to system because of how easily and efficiently they could build test forms, but they were hitting obstacles when it came time to deliver their exams outside our system,” said Certiverse CEO and co-founder Ruben Arturo Garcia. “The ability to build a new exam in a matter of weeks was canceled out by the months it took to get set up on a separate delivery platform. Like we did with test content creation, we knew we could build the technology to solve this problem and bring exams to market in much shorter timeframes, while also making it a better experience for test-takers.”


Certiverse’s online exam development platform gives sponsoring organizations a self-service, turnkey approach to take control of their testing programs. The system uses proprietary, AI-guided tools to help subject matter experts (SMEs) around the world contribute test content asynchronously, enabling larger volumes of test questions to be written and reviewed in shorter time periods than the traditional model, and the automated transfer of data streamlines the process from test concept to creation.

Certiverse’s solution provides greater flexibility and inclusivity with lower costs, enabling test sponsors to launch relevant, high-quality exams quickly and pass the benefits to test-takers through lower fees and greater options. With this update, candidates will also have the ability to purchase both practice tests and secured exams with different remote proctoring modalities from a single location. More than a dozen testing programs are currently using the system and will be among the first to apply the new end-to-end capabilities.


These feature enhancements mark the next phase of Certiverse’s notable reimagining of exam development. The company has been recognized with the IT Certification Council’s 2021 Innovation Award, won both Audience Choice and Judges’ Success awards at the Association of Test Publishers’ 2022 Innovation Fast-Pitch, and was shortlisted for the 2022 International e-Assessment Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment (winner announced later this month). The start-up is the first company at this stage of growth to receive these honors for its ground-breaking contribution to testing.

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