Certiverse Announces Integrated Proctoring Feature to Streamline Exam Delivery

The platform now provides a fully seamless exam development process from concept to candidate.

Chicago, IL – March 8, 2023 – Certiverse, the first of its kind online exam development and delivery system, is proud to announce the launch of integrated online proctoring within the platform. This new service available exclusively to Certiverse clients will enable organizations to develop and deliver psychometrically valid exams from start to finish all within a single system, providing clients with a faster, more streamlined process.

The award-winning Certiverse platform has been internationally recognized for its advanced technology and innovative approach to exam development. With the new online proctoring capabilities, clients will be able to get from concept to candidate in a matter of weeks rather than months, without requiring integrations with outside partners.

The groundbreaking proctoring feature has been designed with the candidate in mind, focusing on providing the best experience possible. The system allows instant exam delivery, eliminating wait times and the need for rescheduling. Certiverse also reduces the technical barriers to exam administration, making it easier and less stressful for candidates to sit for assessments.

One of the key client benefits of the new online proctoring features is the integration of a single stream of proctoring and testing security data. This ensures that all data is kept secure and confidential yet is easily available for review and reporting by test sponsors.

The new online proctoring feature follows the release of Certiverse’s built-in AI item development generation. This new capability vastly increases the potential for creating high volumes of exam content, while retaining Certiverse’s subject matter expert asynchronous review process to assure quality.

"We are constantly looking to our industry to tell us what challenges they’re facing," said Ruben Arturo Garcia, CEO and co-founder of Certiverse. "Cost and time are the biggest obstacles for many programs. We built this platform to transform exam content creation, and now we’re focused on new technology that revolutionizes the entire process of scaling an exam program.”

The new online proctoring and AI item generation features will be showcased at the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) conference from March 12-15, 2023.

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