Test Your Candidates' Knowledge, Not Their Patience

Test-takers have enough on their minds. Here's how Certiverse helps make the exam experience frictionless.

When it comes to preparing for a good exam experience, vendors have traditionally put most of the responsibility on the candidates themselves. Many test sponsors provide lengthy handbooks and FAQ docs for test-takers to troubleshoot their way through registration, scheduling, and any test-day technology hiccups.

At Certiverse, however, we believe that a good candidate experience is achieved when test-takers can solely focus on the exam material and not have to worry about other issues. As we do in our exam development platform, we strive to make use of fresh approaches and technologies throughout scheduling and delivery. That's what a good candidate  – and sponsor – experience is based on: being able to focus on the exam content and nothing else.

What does that look like? For starters, we often hear that one of the biggest pain points of testing is the scheduling process. So at Certiverse, you can skip it completely. Sponsors have the option to make exams available immediately for online delivery. There is no searching for an open proctoring slot for your day off (or worse, having to take a vacation day to complete the exam because that's the only available time), or worrying if your work computer will create a last-minute firewall issue on the day of the test. There are no refund or no-show issues because of unexpected emergencies. If you feel ready to take an exam right now, that's when you can take it.

We also leverage AI-assisted human proctoring on even low-bandwidth connections, which creates greater access and scheduling flexibility while also combining the best of both worlds: the efficiency of technology with the trained judgment of an engaged proctor who can correct behavior instead of just shutting down a testing session. Security and identity validation occur without intrusive methods like facial recognition, creating a calmer environment for testing.

Preparing for an exam is challenging enough; the testing experience shouldn't leave candidates feeling frustrated and unprepared before they even begin. At Certiverse, we focus on reducing the pain points that can come with testing and make the process easier for the candidate, creating a more seamless and enjoyable testing process from start to finish.

Curious to learn more how you can make both high-quality tests and high-quality testing experiences? Reach out to our team.

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