Certiverse’s JTA Process: From Analysis to Blueprint in a Fraction of the Time

Certiverse platform combines traditional task analysis with proprietary innovations to streamline the job task analysis process without sacrificing rigor 

The process begins online after determining and defining the job role for which the exam is being built. The test sponsor and/or pValue invite Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to contribute to the job task analysis (JTA) on Certiverse. This first small group of SMEs create a list of tasks, working independently but in a shared virtual workspace where all tasks can be seen by all contributors.

Algorithms developed by pValue guide task-writing, minimizing the management needed and time required to tag and group tasks into a competency-based hierarchy. After the JTA Administrator finalizes the list of tasks and domains, a JTA survey is automatically generated by Certiverse then shared with a larger group of Subject Matter Experts to complete online. 

Results are automatically generated after all submissions are entered and the JTA Administrator closes the survey. This process includes automated data cleaning and analysis of the final results. If needed, the JTA Administrator can also adjust the data cleaning using rules for the specific job context.

Using pValue’s proprietary algorithms, a weighted blueprint is automatically built when the JTA survey analyses are finalized, with the JTA Administrator editing the definition and weight of each topic and any subtopics. The process for approval of the blueprint is manual, allowing flexibility for existing exam programs with specific governance structures or business rules.

These improvements to the JTA process are just the beginning of Certiverse’s advantages. Combining our own innovative design and established psychometric standards allows Certiverse to create tests with a time and cost savings to sponsors while easing the contribution of knowledgeable SMEs. Get in touch today to learn how we can create greater value at any stage in your testing program.  

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